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Core Negotiations skills

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Core Negotiations skills

Negotiation is a key skill that, when mastered can enhance communications and provide better results from communication. this two-day course will teach participants the core principles of negotiation, how to prepare to negotiate, ways to respond to negotiation challenges, how to create win-win solutions, and how to create sustainable agreements.

Who Should Attend

This workshop has been designed for those who want to improve their negotiation skills.

What You Will Cover

  • Define Negotiation
  • Use key success strategies
  • Apply different negotiation approaches
  • Establish rules establish that lead to effective negotiations
  • Effectively prepare the research that is required to negotiate including your BATNA,WATNA,WAP,and ZOPA Set limits
  • Maintain composure when things get heated
  • Collaborate and foster cooperation
  • Remain focused
  • Keep an open mind
  • Decide what kind of relationship we wish to foster.
    Use additional resources and expertise
    Keep an open mind
    Create a sustainable agreement
    Incorporate everyone’s perspective

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