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Worth Organizing

A thousand threads blow in the wind. Bind them into a rope and you can climb mountains.We believe that the back office is the backbone of your organization. The HR department, finance, accounts. Without them you just can’t function. But at the same time, they are not your function. They exist to help you carry out your core business, not to compete with it for your resources. A slim, efficient, dynamic administrative structure helps you get on with your business. It helps your people know what their colleagues are trying to achieve so that they can help. It helps them understand their goals, their rewards and how to achieve them. It delivers what you need, when you need it.

We have exceptional in-house expertise in this field, as well as our consultant partners from all over the world. If you want your back office to be an engine instead of a weight on your back, we can help.

  • Change Mangement
  • Organizational design and restructuring
  • Policy procedural reviews
  • Job evaluation and grading
  • Compensation, benefit, and incentive design
  • Manpower planning and Omanisation strategies

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